Traveling doesn’t always entail booking expensive flights, checking that your passport is still valid and putting your pets up for sale just to scrape enough money together to actually make the trip happen.

Breaking away from the city for a short weekend getaway is enough to revitalize any tired soul.  And by soul I mean any human that spends hours commuting to and from work and is stuck behind a desk under artificial light and the only breeze is from the howling air conditioner that is either set too cold or too hot.

We took a short road trip, to a quaint little farm, tucked away at the base of the Magaliesberg.  It was exactly what we needed to unwind.  We also took the opportunity to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary.  Hurray for us!

Rustig has been a family run farm since 1930.  Some of the original buildings still remain serving as a guest house and a large restaurant which is used to host functions, serve guests and day visitors alike.

As you drive into the farm you are met with beautifully landscaped gardens, towering jacaranda trees and the mesmerizing back drop of the Magaliesberg mountain range.

During our early morning walks we could hear the calls of the baboons echoing down the mountain side, sending shivers up our spine.  There were moments we wanted to turn around and run.  Thankfully courage prevailed.

Once you reach the summit of the escarpment you are met with Anglo-Boer war bomb shelters.  As you skirt along the edge of the mountains you discover remains of trenches used during that time.  It takes you back and you will wonder how on earth these people lugged cannons and ammunition up this rather treacherous terrain?

We spent our days heading out for hikes, lounging by the pool, watching the stars and breathing in the fresh mountain air.

In the afternoons we would enjoy a drink on the restaurant’s  large veranda overlooking the gardens and into the valley bellow the mountains.  It was pure bliss.

Rustig definitely lives up to its name, it’s Afrikaans for ‘Relaxed’ and we certainly felt that during our stay.

We highly recommend paying Rustig a visit whether as a day visitor or to spend a couple of nights in one of their well appointed self catering luxury tents, guest rooms or dormitory.

Our top must do’s when visiting Rustig:

  1. If you are planning to spend the weekend on the farm head out on a Friday afternoon, that will give you that extra little bit of time to really enjoy the country side
  2. Take comfortable clothing with you, hiking is an absolute must when you are there, after a mere 3km of walking you will have reached the summit of the Magaliesberg, your reward? Breath taking views and crisp clean air, ok, maybe even a chocolate
  3. Start your hike at dawn, watching the sun rise and its soft early morning light bathing the country side is just very special
  4. Have a picnic on their beautiful lawn, lay back and relax, have a nap, read a book
  5. As a day visitor you can enjoy the swimming pool area and have a light lunch after your hike.  They also offer picnic outings and braai facilities

Going to the mall on the weekend to pass your time is just so 90’s.  Go off the beaten track, explore your surroundings, get out into nature and do something different, you will feel revived and ready to take on any new challenge that life may throw your way.

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