Do you own your body?

My mom said as a kid I never sat still, always busy, always in trouble. I guess thats why I enjoy being active.

School breaks were filled with playing dodgers, tennis, participating in athletics and rugby. Sport was never forced upon me, I was allowed to enjoy it. I sometimes wonder, if I was pushed, whether I would have been a professional athlete. Anthi says I would. I’ll take it! 😉

As an adult I now have a deep appreciation and love for movement of the human body.

Ironically, this is also due to a back injury that spanned over 10 years. At this point its not debilitating in any way, but I work around movement patterns knowing what’s possible to avoid any relapse. It’s that simple.

Although a thing of the past the injury forced me to assess my activities and movement patterns. What I have come to realise is how fortunate I am. I now move daily and without hesitation.

Its not always easy, this I know. Life gets in the way, work takes over. Relaxing is all you can think of. The reality of the matter? At some point in your life, like everything, you will have to deal with it. Deal with the fact of owning and occupying your own body.

Its with this in mind that I aim to share and give you some perspective. Bear in mind this is based on my life and my experiences. My hope is however that it gives you a more tangible reason to want to move, be active and enjoy your body.

  1. coach or mentor. Coaches are not just for professionals, they allow the average joe to be their best, always stretching their limits. Mentors can show you the relevance of why you should be active, giving you something to believe in.
  2. Join a movement or discipline. A movement can add meaning and a sense of community, making you part of something bigger. You can even include friends and family. Some great examples include Original Strength, Gymnastic Bodies and StrongFirst.
  3. Have fun, play. Miles Davis said “You have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself” Find an activity or sport you enjoy. You may just end up finding yourself.
  4. Visualise. I struggle to get going some most days. We all do. A solution is to engage the senses. Focus on what you will see, feel and smell once in the moment of movement.
  5. Movement is medicine. We stress our bodies daily but there is physical (being active) and mental (work) stress. They don’t live separately from the body. If you add either, week in and week out you will crack. Movement can however be your downtime. Movement can be your medicine, your recovery.
  6. Know thy self, understand thy body. I know my body. Its made for endurance training with a good balance of strength training. Any imbalance, and injuries creep in. Explore your body as you move.
  7. Soothe your body. If you move daily you will need massage. A good massage therapist every 4 – 6 weeks will sort out any niggles and have you back stronger and ready to push through to the next level.
  8. Commitment. Once you have your why, you have a reason to commit. You just need to find this why. Spend some time to figure this out. Its important and will allow you to achieve the next point.
  9. Consistency. This is the easy one and Im not even joking. This will come from the enjoyment, the community, the reason you are doing it. All you need to remind yourself? Take it one day at a time and don’t stop.

My job here is done 😉

Get out there and occupy your body. Own it and embrace how it will make you feel. Daily.

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