Our greatest companion on the open road is music, we sing along, wriggle in our seats or just sit back and take it all in.  Our top 10 tracks tell our story, so here they are, well kind of.

Our adventure started from a desire.

We wanted to get away from this “unreal” state

Far far away, where in fantasy we could escape

This way we knew, we could feel like legends every day

After all, everything’s simply a dream away

Any place is better so we started at zero

With nothing to lose the road beckoned

Take my hand lets see where we wake up tomorrow

Best made plans are sometimes just a one night stand

We’d felt like lost stars, trying to light up the dark

Just specks of dust within the galaxy

As dawn arrived we opened our eyes

Looked into the sun with the new days rise

Feeling our hearts beating underneath our skin, we were alive again

Our country’s love as bright as ever, even in the shadows

Its heart’s glowing with us crashing into it

Like stepping in front of a runaway train…

The next journey never far away

And us ready to lose our feet

A place where we can review life’s mystery

Lose every sense of time

Take it all in and wake up to the beauty South Africa has to offer

Till then we’re just catching and releasing

What builds up throughout the day

As it gets into our bodies and flows right through our blood

For now we tell each other secrets

Till we can again remember how to love

With special thanks to all these amazing artists who all add to each unforgettable road trip.

To many more…

Take a listen to our play list on Deezer.


  1. Adventure of a lifetime – Coldplay
  2. XO – John Mayer (Original by Beyoncé Knowles)
  3. Stay Alive – Jose Gonzalez
  4. Far Away – Junip
  5. Fast Car – Jonas Blue (Original Tracy Chapman)
  6. Ballade – Bakermat
  7. Lost Stars – Adam Levine
  8. Desire – Years & Years
  9. Define – Dom Dolla, Go Freek
  10. Catch & Release  – Matt Simmons

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