We met in the deep dark winter of 2007. Instantly inseparable.

Mrs. Smit, a perfectionist and slightly (read, completely) A type.
Mr. Smit, easy going and a joker of note.

We have a common innate desire to explore and learn. Feeding off each others strengths and supporting each other during the more challenging times.

After many years of working in the corporate world and building our careers we started thinking, surely there is more to life than just work, being paid and spending that money on stuff? A never ending cycle.

Looking in one would say that we have an amazing life together, we do in many ways however desire more.

More freedom to do the things we love, more freedom to travel and experience new cultures, more freedom to spend endless hours on our bicycles and on running trails, more freedom to be in the mountains and on beautiful sun baked beaches.

For now, we will start filling our weekends with new experiences and exploring our beautiful country, South Africa. When time and circumstance allows for it, we will embark on overseas trips.

Explore our beautiful world with us.

MRS SMIT – Anthi


Greek born South African. Home cook extraordinaire. Fitness fanatic.  Tech geek, working in the IT industry has shown Anthi how technology influences every day life. Lover of beautiful spaces, especially kitchens.  Dreams of owning a small bistro on a farm and growing her own vegetables.  Being outside makes her happy.

MR SMIT – Bernie


Agency guy by day and dreamer in between. Currently dabbling in social media. Over active and too inquisitive for his own good. Loves his bicycle (too much!), great food and wine. His adventurous spirit makes him an explorer at heart. Loves, laughs and questions daily!


Drop us a note if you would like to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you…